3 Second Nail Glue is an all-purpose solution for all of your natural and artificial nail needs. Experience, Simple application, the fastest adhesion in the industry, and lasting wear for strong, beautiful nails.



3 Second Nail Glue is manufactured by TQB Products, the leading developer of nail industry adhesive products in North America. Distributors and nail professionals should be confident in the products they rely on to ensure high quality finished nails – natural or artificial – for their clients.  Our product is the fastest drying, highest performing, most versatile nail glue on the market – guaranteed.


TQB Products manages everything from product innovation and manufacturing to distribution and customer service.  This ensures our commitment to quality, customization, and consistency.


Years of dedicated research and experience, combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing process and techniques, enable us to formulate the perfect nail glue.We work closely with our customers to produce a specialized product that exceeds the performance of other glues in the industry, and , we continually invest in improving our adhesive formulas, manufacturing process, and techniques based on the feedback we receive. This has built confidence in our products and service. . Through continuous improvement and development, our 3 Second Nail Glue has become one of the most innovative adhesive solutions on the market.


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The name 3 Second Nail Glue describes the product’s greatest asset, but it offers so much more.  Perfect for both natural and artificial nails and tips, 3 Second Nail Glue works for nail design, strengthening, and repairs.


    Benefits included:


  • Fastest drying adhesive on the market

  • Easy to apply

  • Strong

  • High-performing

  • Long-lasting

  • Long shelf life

  • Proven quality

  • Excellent for salon retail 

3 Second Brush On Nail Glue


    Benefits included:


  • Brush on for natural nails

  • Dipping nails, nail tips, acrylic nail

  • For Charm, and rhinestone

  • High-performing

  • Long-lasting